Escendo Analytics is Exadata Ready

Escendo Analytics version 2 is supported on Oracle Exadata Database Machine, Exalogic Elastic cloud and SPARC Super Cluster.


Turning Technology Into Solutions

At Escendo, our principals have been delivering sophisticated and successful solutions for over twenty years. We know that providing assistance and training to our customers and partners is crucial for creating managable and sustainable applications. With that in mind, Escendo has several modes of delivery to match services precisely to our customers' needs.

Improve ROI

With Escendo Analytics on Oracle Exadata, in-line, real-time analytics in a single platform becomes reality. Reducing complexity rather than ever expanding multiple hardware layers, eliminating the problems of data-movement, meta-data linking and coordination, and lowering your maintenance & overhead means lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

SAP’s Hana Analytics May Pay Off on Software

SAP HANA SP6 for Big Data

With SAP HANA Service Pack 6 (SP6) several new features are available supporting Big Data and Spatial capabilities. Most notable are the smart data access technology for integrating heterogeneous data sources such as Hadoop and the new spacial capabilities bring meaningful geospatial data into real time anaytics.

Professional Services

blog-300x150.jpgEscendo consultants have extensive experience delivering solutions spanning a wide range of areas including rolling forecasts and planning systems through highly customized marketing or transaction analytics. From straightforward implementation projects through advanced predictive analytics, our team is an ideal partner for driving business advantage through business intelligence.

Escendo Analytics

cube.jpgThe Escendo application architecture allows for flexible and direct access to data for analysts, enabling them to be more productive, supporting faster and higher quality decisions.  
Writeback capability together with flexible annotations and the ability to share and collaborate on reports provides a unique ability to improve analyst and management effectiveness while reducing complexity.

Not only can you analyze and report faster, but also build what-if scenarios and perform advanced analytics like complex forecasting, regression or allocations - but you can write back. No need for an additional separate server or complex infrastructure.

Collaborative Analytics

team-work-1jiwdio-300x225.jpgWe all love our IMs, screen sharing and conference calls.  But analytics delivers more when converstaion threads are actually attached to and part of the documents and analyses being discussed. Discussions evolve, and are part of the decision and analytics process. With our annotation and discussion features you get the full audit trail and record as well as better results.


Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.  - Leonardo da Vinci


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