Independent, Verified and Dependable Data on your Call Centers
The Truth at Last!
Live, Call Center Performance Measurement
Emailed Alerts on Hold Times, Call Times, Abandons
Measure Call Times, Abandons, Multiple Handles, Refunds, Chargebacks, CLV and More!
Plus Audited Fulfillment Center Performance with Alerts!
Audit Shipping Times, Delivery Exceptions, Bounces and more!


Use A/B testing to lift Customer Lifetime Value

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Live, Real-Time Audit of Live Customer Service Performance

Features and Benefits
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Traffic Quality and Compliance-based Automated Confirmation

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Comprehensive Call Center Monitoring

Key Benefits

Real Time Alerts

Get Real Time Email and Text Alerts on High Hold Times, Talk Times, Abandon Rates and Multiple Calls.

Data Matters

Get Real Time UI-based Data and Reporting on Critical Call Center Metrics, including CLV, Delineated by Call Centers, Campaigns, Affiliates and Brands.

Hand Holders

Our dedicated Customer Success Managers never let you slip through our fingers in insuring you get great call center and fulfillment monitoring, reporting, alerts and optimization. Relax, we got this.

Real Time Monitoring

Relax. We’ll monitor critical metrics and warn you when something about call center performance or metrics doesn’t look right.

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